Memorials in St. James Arlington Church


Gospel Plaques by Rheredos

In Loving Memory of Frederick John Cooper, born in Henley-in-Arden, England - July 29th, 1918, died in Mexico City- November 21st, 1975 and Kathleen Blanche Lacaud Cooper. Born in Mexico City - October 21st, 1918; Died in Toronto, Canada - January 29th, 1989. Both are buried at the British Cemetery in Mexico City, Mexico. Given by their son - Roger John Cooper - Advent 2001


Memorial windows in north vestibule

In memory of William McAuley, born March 21, 1801, died July 3, 1867 and Lucy C. McAuley, born September 17, 1796, died Oct. 22, 1862.


South vestibule, double windows

Rev. Joseph Coit, 1826.

Rev. James Tappen, 1828.

Rev. William S. Perkins, 1829.

Rev. Luman Foot, 1853.

Rev. Francis W. Smith, 1869 .

ev. Gemont Graves, 1872.

Rev. John J. Randall, 1877.


Nave, northeast, double windows

In memory of David Hawley, born 1773, died 1838, and his wife Bethiah Buck, born 1780, died 1857.


Middle double window

John B. Lathrop, born 1800, died 1886. C. Maria Lathrop, born 1803, died 1880.


Double window northwest

In memory of Enos Canfield, born 1770, died 1853. E. Beers Canfield, born 1804, died 1835.


Nave, southeast

Double window - In memory of Zadok Hard and descendants, born 1737, died 1828.


Middle double window

Gamaliel Deming, born 1728, died 1802.

Sylvester Deming, born 1765, died 1847.

Martin Chester Deming, born 1789, died 1851.

Sylvester Deming 2nd, born 1817, died 1867.

Martin Hyde Deming, born 1844, died 1896.

Sylvester Chittenden Deming, born 1873, died 1925.


Southwest double windows




In Memoriam Founder of this Town and Parish, Jehiel Hawley, born 1712, died 1777. Nathan Canfield, born 1739, died 1809.


Sanctuary, Eucharistic Lights

To the Glory of God and in Loving Memory of Winfield Scott Phillips, M.D. the Beloved Physician -The Gift of His Daughter AD 1919. "The Lord is My Light and My Salvation."


Memorial Reredos

To the Glory of God and in Memory of Schureman Halsted Watkins, former Rector of this Parish, and of his wife Helen Randolph Smith, 1938.


Tablet in Chancel

"Chancel and Furnishing in Memory of Georgianna, wife of Horace Weston Thompson who was Baptized, Confirmed and Married in this Church and who died April 9, 1899, aged 59. The Eternal God is thy Refuge and underneath are the Everlasting Arms."


Altar Book Rest (brass)

"To the Glory of God and in loving Memory of Mrs. Alice Hanaman Hard, 1892."


Altar Service Book

"In Memoriam Rollin Wentworth Judson Advent, 1929."


Sanctuary office Lights

Epistle side: "To the Glory of God and in loving Memory of Jesse Burdett, 1827-1897. The Gift of his Son. Gospel side: "To the Glory of God and in Loving Memory of Cornelia Lathrop Burdett, 1831-1903, The Gift of her Son.


Altar Cross

"To the Glory of God and in loving Memory of Bernie. From Mrs. C. L. Stewart, Easter, 1890."


Brass Vases

In Memoriam the Rev. Sherwood Roosevelt, Rector, 1918-1923.


Processional Cross

"To the Glory of God and in loving memory of Clarence Dyer Gilchrist a Vestryman of St. Jamesí Parish, the Gift of his Family and Friends, AD, 1935. In the Cross of Christ I Glory."


Nave, Mural Tablets, East

"The Electric Fixtures in the Nave are given to the Glory of God and in loving Memory of:

The Rev. Sherwood Roosevelt, 1855-1923.

Zadok Hard, 1843-1922.

Alma Hard, 1849-1923.

Delia Jane Whitten, 1863-1925.

Sylvester Chittenden Deming, 1875-1925.

Wedworth Wadsworth Clarke, 1831-1910.

Carol Watkins Hahn, 1868-1910.


Nave, Mural Tablet, South

"Behold the Handmaid of the Lord." In Memory of Mary Chittenden Hyde, wife of Sylvester Deming, 2nd. Entered into the Paradise of God February 27, 1902. Aged 80.


Nave, Mural Tablet, Northwest

"In loving Memory of Martha Hulme Canfield, born April 12, 1850, died December 30, 1919. "Grant her, 0 Lord, Eternal Rest and let Perpetual Light shine upon her." Martha Canfield taught a Class in the Sunday School here for forty years and scarcely ever missed a Service of this Church which was from her Birth to her Death her dearly loved Spiritual Home. This Tablet is placed in grateful remembrance by her Niece, Dorothy Canfield Fisher.


Nave, Mural Tablet, Northeast wall

"In loving Memory of Ann Benedict Hurd, Daughter of Ichabod and Esther Benedict and Wife of Erastus Hurd, born at Arlington, October 16, 1806, died at Montreal, February 22, 1896, buried at Joliet, Illinois. She was ever devoted to the beautiful Valley of her birth and to this Church which she worshipped in her Youth. This Tablet is placed in remembrance in the year 1921 by her Grand daughter Adaline Vanhorne.


Litany Desk

Gift of Frank N. Canfield, his wife Clara Collins and their Daughter, Ellen Canfield. To the glory of God and in loving memory of Albert Dow Canfield, 1820-1887, and his wife, Sarah Whittier Canfield, 1823-1887.


Baptismal Font

To the Glory of God and in loving memory of Virginia P. Judson, 1903.



The gift of J. R. Judson and his wife in memory of their children, F. Rollin and Mabel C. Judson, who died in infancy, 1890.


Alms Basin

In loving memory of Sylvester Deming, Senior Warden, 1866-1867.


White Chalice Veil and Burse

"To the glory of God and in loving memory of Anna Harriet Hale Brush, Easter, 1938.


Tabernacle and Sanctuary Lamp. "To the glory of God and in loving memory of Richard Bryan Leake, Annie Nichols Leake, Mrs. Roland Jackson, daughter of Richard and Annie Leake, and of her son Richard Jackson." Presented by the Leake and Jackson families.


Memorial Side Altar, Altar and Candlesticks

Presented by the Parish in memory of Martha Hulme Canfield.


Chancel Prayer Books

A memorial gift to the parish of two Chancel Prayer Books was made in Advent 1929 by Mrs. Albert E. Buck in memory of her father. Cyrus Smith Hard.


Altar in the Rectory Chapel

The Altar in the Rectory Chapel was the gift of Miss Mabel Holkins Chase in memory of John Lathrop Burdett, her uncle who left his home to the parish for a Rectory.


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